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New this month, the UTISHO section. Literally translated "Way of the Pixel Warrior," UTISHO is the code and the way of life of the pixel Samurai--a class of artists similar to the jesters of medieval Europe. UTISHO was greatly influenced by the two leading metaphysical schools: Penism and Doodleism. UTISHO puts emphasis on loyalty, self sacrifice, justice, hygiene, refined manners, purity, modesty, frugality, martial spirit, cooking, honor and Austrian school of economics.

[UTISHO: Useless Things I Spent Hours On].

Posted by Rich | Dec. 13th

New addition to the web site. In our never ending quest to inform--as well as entertain--we have included an in-depth, encyclopedia-like table of the major cow breeds found in North America. Click on the "Moo?" on the left and enjoy!

Posted by Rich | Feb. 12th

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